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Voice Overs of The World: A Slight Dose of Odd

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Every so often, whilst digging up commercials with great voice overs for Voice Overs of the World, I come across some ads that don’t easily fit into any categories; they’re just a bit odd. Today I’ve collected a few of the more unusual or creative ads that feature great voice over work that I’ve stumbled upon lately.

The first ad (above) is a spot for the ESPN mobile app, and it — obviously — features a giant walking, talking ear. What really struck me about this ad was less the voice over itself (which is quite good, of course) but rather the process that went into casting that voice. I mean, how do you cast a giant, talking ear? What does that voice sound like?

My guess is that the producers simply listened to demos until they came up with a suitable number of candidates that embodied what a giant ear might sound like. Auditions were probably held for the finalists until the perfect voice was found and selected. And I have to say, I think they did a pretty good job. I’m not sure what a giant ear sounds like, either, but I could imagine one sounding like this!

The next ad is for a British milk company, and it explores the question of who the first person that had the idea to milk a cow was. I think this is a great commercial, and not only because that’s a question I’ve wondered many times myself. I think the narrator perfectly captures that sort of authoritarian documentary voice, but there’s a touch of whimsy to it, as well. This clearly isn’t an ad that takes itself too seriously (as is evidenced by the angel cow floating above the ground, among other things.)

The third ad is another one from across the pond, with a similar yet different delivery style to that of the Milk commercial. This one also features a British narrator doing the documentary-style voice over, but in this case, the talent adopts a much more menacing tone, befitting the supposed danger of the events of the ad. Being surrounded by great white sharks is no laughing matter, and while this ad is clearly meant to be humorous, the voice talent sells it, full-on, as a serious piece. It’s part of what makes it work so effectively, in my opinion.

Finally, we have a car ad from Nissan that was so crazy, I just had to include it. Clearly, the voice over in this ad isn’t even in English, as the spot is from Brazil. But not only was the imagery of the man opening his car hood to find singing and dancing animated ponies hilarious to me, but I thought it was a good chance to point out just how global the use of voice overs in advertising is. I have no idea what the guy is saying, of course, although I wish I knew Portuguese because I’d love to know what the little pink horse is saying in the second part of the ad!

Judging from this commercial, it seems that not only voice overs are universal; obnoxious car ads are too!

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