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Introducing Voice Coaches Premium Classes!

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Voice Coaches has recently launched a selection of premium classes, designed to enhance your voice over training in specific areas of focus. We’re proud to announce the newest class in our Premium Class stable: Audiobooks & Long-Form Narration!

Audiobooks Voice Over Class

Voice Coaches’ “Audiobooks & Long-Form Narration” premium web class is designed to help you point your career in a new direction: the world of audiobooks!

In our “Audiobooks & Long-Form Narration” class, you’ll learn about the business side of audiobooks as well as the creative side, including how to find work, how to create characters, how to stay fresh in the booth, and much more. In addition, you also get a 44-page “Guide to Audiobooks & Long-Form Narration.” The class contains over 30 video training segments featuring interviews with award-winning audiobook producer Daniel Bostick, professional audiobook narrator Cynthia Bishop, audiobook publisher David Niall Wilson, voice actor Kevin Readdean, and voice over producer Mike Spring.

Best of all, this class provides you with a list of companies that you can directly market yourself to as an audiobook narrator!

Audiobook Voice Over Training

Our other premium classes include “Protecting Your Instrument: Vocal Hygiene” and “Marketing & Motivation.”

Our Protecting Your Instrument” class is designed to help you learn about – and protect – your most valuable instrument: your voice. You will learn about how your voice works, what you can do to keep it healthy, actions to avoid, how to keep hydrated, how to warm up, and much more. In addition, you also get a 39-page Guide to Vocal Health and downloadable exercises that you can use to maintain optimum vocal hygiene. The class features interviews with award-winning vocal expert Dr. Jack Pickering; studio owner and producer David Bourgeois; Ear Nose & Throat Doctor Sara Scheid; professional singer and voice actor Bonnie Drowne; and speech-language pathologist and vocal rehabilitation expert Tom Burke.

In Voice Coaches’ “Marketing & Motivation” premium web class, you’ll get to see some of the foremost experts in the field of voice acting discuss how to create a successful career for yourself, and how to stay motivated while doing so. They’ll also share some invaluable voice over techniques you can utilize behind the microphone. The class contains over 30 video training segments and over 20 audio lessons plus a downloadable “Guide to Marketing & Motivation.”

You’ll learn from experts such as: legendary voice actor Rodney Saulsberry; television host and voice actor Evan Farmer; Abrams Artists Agency voice over agent Billy Serow; Full Cast Audio producer and director Dan Bostick; studio owner and producer David Bourgeois; Voices.com owners David & Stephanie Ciccarelli; multimedia production company owner Dan Dinsmore; voice over actor Bob Souer; video game producer Evan Skolnick, marketing expert Jay Silverman; and many others.

If you’re an aspiring voice actor, Voice Coaches premium web classes are filled with information, advice, and inspiration to help launch your voice over career.

For more information on our premium classes, call us at 1-866-887-2834 ex. 100, or email us at [email protected]!

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