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Voice Overs Of The World: Sesame Street 2.0

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Sesame Street has not only been a staple of children’s television for decades, but it’s also given us some indelible voice over performances over the years. As the variety of outlets for media properties continues to grow, so too does Sesame Street’s reach in the world. Here are a couple of great new commercials that feature some classic voice overs.

The first video (above) uses the voice over sparingly, and I don’t want to say too much about it, as I don’t want to spoil the punchline of the spot. Just remember: behind this (and every other) well-loved Sesame Street icon is a voice actor in a recording booth.

The second video features a ton of voice overs. This one is an actual trailer for the new Sesame Street video game, and not only do you get to hear clips of the voice actors who portray the various characters throughout the ad, but there’s also a pretty standard VO narrating the entire advertisement.

Hmmm… suddenly I’m hungry for cookies.

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