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Voice Overs Of The World: Chrysler

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You might remember that right after the Super Bowl, I wrote about Chrysler’s excellent commercial that aired during the big game. (And if you don’t remember, you can see what I said by clicking here!) And this just in: that terrific commercial has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Commercial Spot!

Well, Chrysler has just released two new commercials starring the same VO talent from that big job, with a few new celebrity subjects.

The first video features Detroit Lions football star Ndamukong Suh. The voice over talent uses his steely voice to talk about humble beginnings. Instead of going for a tough approach to match a tough voice, the narrator takes on a slightly softer tone to adopt a sense of reverence and respect, for both the player and his past.

The second commercial spotlights celebrity clothing designer John Varvatos. What I like about this ad is that the voice talent doesn’t drastically alter his voice, but through a subtle shift in delivery and style, his whole attitude is transformed. Here, instead of being reverent and thoughtful, he’s a lot more cocky and even a little boastful. If you listen to the two pieces side by side, his voice is largely unchanged, but by using a breathier tone in the first commercial and a more condescending tone in the second, the two commercials sound vastly different.

I love to see someone who’s really good at their job doing their job really well, don’t you?

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