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Voice Overs Of The World: Upscale Technology

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Technology and video games tend to go hand in hand with voice overs. What better way to explain what a new computer or gadget does than by showing it at work with a handy voice over to spotlight the coolest features? A lot of times, though, tech and video games rely on an overexcited or sarcastic tone to their voice overs. Here, we found a couple of ads where the producers chose to go for a more upscale approach instead!

First up, we have the new ad for Apple’s iPad 2. A lot of times, Apple’s advertising tends to be friendly and sincere, but it can also often have a slightly sarcastic or snarky tone to it. This ad instead goes for a more inspirational tone. The delivery is along the same lines as the kind of VO you would hear in a documentary talking about great achievements by mankind. Which, in a sense, is what this ad is attempting to do. I think they pull it off; what do you think?

The second ad is for the newest Tiger Woods Golf video game. Interestingly, the ad doesn’t feature Tiger Woods at all, but rather recent US Open winner Rory Mcilroy, who’s the hot golfer at the moment. Again, this ad skips the usual sarcasm or announcer-type voice and goes for a haughty (almost snotty) approach. This one has less of a documentary feel to it and more of a “proclamation of greatness” vibe, if you know what I mean.

Both ads do a great job of taking a slightly different approach from the norm and grabbing your attention with a twist on the typical voice over.

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