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Welcome To The All-New VoiceCoaches.com!

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Hello, everyone! If you’ve come here today for your weekly dose of blog-y goodness, you might have noticed that the site looks a little bit different today. After many months of hard work behind the scenes, we are very pleased and proud to launch the all new version of VoiceCoaches.com.

Our goal with the new site, besides a fresh visual interface, is for VoiceCoaches.com to become your main destination for voice over information. Not only can you always find out about our company and our staff here, but we have a number of regular free resources we’d love for you to come back for week in and week out.

For example, Voice Coaches radio is our weekly podcast that offers up marketing strategies, motivational stories, and interviews with voice acting professionals to inspire and inform you.

Meanwhile, we’ll also continue to bring you our oft-updated blog, where you can learn all about Voice Overs of the World and check out some great VO Behind-the-Scenes videos. For more educational videos, check out the Voice Coaches TV section. Also, in our Voice Over Demos section, you can watch a few new videos giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what goes into making a successful voice over demo.

In our News & Press section, you can find out not only what’s happening here at Voice Coaches, but also hear about some success stories from our students, such as one of our former students who recently won an Emmy Award!

Finally, we have an all new free Ebook for download called “Voice Overs: Where Do I Begin?” This invaluable resource is an essential guide for anyone thinking about getting started in Voice Overs.

So take a look around the site, and then swing back here and leave us a comment letting us know what you think! And — as always — thanks for visiting VoiceCoaches.com!

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