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Voice Overs Of The World: Voices Galore!

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We often spotlight great voice over performances here in Voice Overs of the World, but today we have two new ads we’ve found that do something a little bit different. Instead of the usual approach of a single voice actor — or maybe two voice actors having a dialogue back and forth — these two ads both incorporate multiple voice actors into their short running times. Each one features multiple voice actors performing a single line or two out of an entire script full of dialogue. I think the result is pretty effective.

The first commercial (above) is for Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader. It’s a softer piece with a truly poetic feel to it. The spot builds in intensity as it goes, giving the whole thing a nice, inspirational feel. And even though it’s an ad for a store and its product, the greater message is about a love of reading, which is always a positive one to convey. I also like that the voice actors run the gamut of different types of people: adults, kids, men, women… they’re all here. And they each use a softer, dreamier tone of voice to really match the style of the music and visuals. All in all, it’s a pretty cool ad.

The second commercial is a more humorous spot from the Humane Society. While the message delivered at the end of the spot is important (and it’s delivered via voice over, of course), all the various cat voices and their funny lines do elicit a chuckle. Whereas the Barnes & Noble spot tried to evoke a mood by using a similar tone to all their voices, this commercial goes for a broad range of delivery styles, showing off all the different personalities that cats have. Even though it’s a completely different approach than Barnes & Noble’s ad, I feel like it’s equally effective.

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