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VO Behind The Scenes: Portal 2/Stephen Merchant

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Stephen Mechant is probably best known as the cohort and right hand man of Ricky Gervais, appearing on his podcast and in all of his TV shows (as well as co-writing most of them with him.) Now he’s branched out into the world of voice overs, with a starring role (really the only role) in the hit new video game sequel, Portal 2.

In the interview above, Merchant talks about just how much work doing voice overs for a video game are, as well as the challenges that come with having to bring to life all the different facets of his character’s personality.

The second video is a clip from the game itself, in which you can not only see how extensive Mr. Merchant’s part is, but also how much fun he has with it and just how good he is at it.

Looks like an interesting enough game, but I would play it just to hear Stephen Merchant’s brilliant performance! How about you?

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