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Voice Overs Of The World: iVoice Over

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With all the hubbub recently about the iPad 2 from Apple, it took the tech giant a few weeks to put out an actual TV commercial. Now that they’ve gone ahead and produced their first commercial for the hot tech device, guess what? It’s driven by a voice over! (Of course!) So check out the latest Apple ad and a few other technology-driven spots that prominently feature VO work.

The iPad 2 ad is pretty simple: a light piano theme in the background, some well-contrasted lighting frames some close-up shots of the iPad at work, and a gentle, thoughtful voice over accompanies the imagery. The voice actor has a great voice and gives just the right delivery: serene, informative, with a slight bit of awe in his voice. It’s really a nicely done spot.

In direct contrast to that, we have an April Fool’s Day video created by Google for their Google Chrome web browser. What I like about this spot is it really shows how versatile you have to be as a voice actor. It’s not really a character voice or anything like that, but the talent basically had to come in and run the VO equivalent of an aerobics class (I guess nowadays it would be a P90X or Zumba class?) with just their voice.

Now, I don’t know if this particular voice talent has a background in fitness instruction, but I’m going to guess that that’s not the case, and this is just another example of a voice talent bringing some over-the-top energy to a job.

The last two spots are for Emerald Nuts’ new Breakfast On The Go product. What I like about these ads (besides that they’re pretty amusing) is that they’re a slightly different kind of commercial VO than we usually hear. In this case, the VO work is incorporated into the live action commercial set-up, with a couple of robots that are stuck in the “breakfast bar” mentality.

Now, clearly, their voices have had some sort of post-production effect added to them, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t also some creativity involved. Obviously, both actors had to deliver their VOs in a robotic, flat affect, but not so robotic and flat that the piece lost its humor. I think they knocked it out of the park, and it’s just another reminder of how much fun it can be to go into the booth and create something with your voice.

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