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VO Behind-The-Scenes: Hop The Movie

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This weekend sees the release of Hop: The Movie, which blends live action and computer generated animation in a bright, colorful way to help families celebrate Easter. The movie has a great voice cast, and we thought we’d share some fun videos that give a glimpse behind the scenes of the film.

The first video above features Hank Azaria, who plays the villain of the film, an Easter chick with delusions of grandeur named Carlos, as well as a few other cast members. The clip gives you a look at how much fun Azaria had bringing the character to life!

The second interview features Russell Brand, who voices the main character of the film, E.B., the nephew of the Easter Bunny, voiced by Hugh Laurie. Brand replies to most of the questions with his trademarked sense of humor, but he does talk a bit about playing the character and doing voices for animation as well.

Finally, I included this last video just because it’s fun and it’s Friday. Watch Russell Brand interact with and interview a bunch of kids. I couldn’t make it through the whole clip without laughing, so enjoy!

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