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Voice Overs Of The World: A Whole Lotto Voices

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I love lottery commercials. I find them to be an endless source of entertainment and humor, and more often than not, you can find some really great examples of voice overs in them. Here are a few ads I’ve recently discovered:

The first ad (above) is the newest spot for the Colorado Lottery. I really enjoy this spot; I think the voice, accent, and delivery are so perfect for a jewel encrusted jaguar. The voice talent captures that feeling of opulence and spoiled nobility so well that it really makes the entire piece work. And another thing that’s great about lottery ads: they almost always have a second voice over come in at the end to fill the more traditional announcer role. That’s two voice overs in a single 30-second spot!

The second spot is from the Louisiana Lottery’s Monopoly Game promotion, and it features an animated Mr. Moneybags. Anytime you get a chance to bring such an iconic character to life is sure to be fun, and this is a great interpretation of the famous game personality. And, as always, that second voice over comes in at the end to jazz things up a bit.

I’d be happy to win the millions, but I’d also be pretty happy voicing a great lottery commercial!

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