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VO Behind The Scenes: Rango

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Today sees the release of the new animated film starring Johnny Depp, Rango. And unless you’ve been living under a rock in the desert (which come to think of it, the main character in Rango has been doing exactly that), you’ve probably seen the advertising for this film by now. But we thought we’d go behind the scenes, and look at how the film (and its voice overs) were created!

In the first video, you can see that this movie was filmed in a rather unconventional manner, with all of the actors appearing on makeshift sets as reference for the animators. What’s even more interesting, though, is that the filmmakers used the audio predominantly from the production footage, and then supplemented that with dialogue recorded in the booth. This is a very unconventional way to produce voice overs for an animated movie, but I’ll bet it paid off with some wonderful performances.

The second video presents some raw B-Roll footage which shows the actors at work. It’s very interesting to see how much of the film they actually performed, as opposed to being in a recording booth for the entirety of their time in the movie’s production. I’ll be curious to see if this approach is going to take off and be used in future movies, as I think it really allows the actors to much more easily transform into their characters, even if it’s probably more difficult from a technical point of view.

The next video is an interview with Johnny Depp about the film in which he talks about bringing the character to life. He also gives some great tips on creating a character voice out of your own voice by observing other people. Great stuff!

The final video is an interview with Isla Fisher, who is Johnny Depp’s co-star in the film. She talks about how much she enjoys voice acting and the unusual filming method they used, among other things. (We didn’t want today’s entire blog post to be about Johnny Depp, after all!)

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