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Could You be The Next Aflac Duck?

Posted 12:46 pm by team

You might have heard that Gilbert Gottfied was fired as the voice of the Aflac duck after he tweeted some jokes about the Japan Tsunami disaster on Twitter. After more than a decade of playing the foul-attitude fowl, Gottfried is no longer the voice of the world’s third most famous duck (after Donald and Daffy, of course.)

Well, now you have the chance to replace him. Aflac is holding open auditions to be the next voice of the Aflac duck. You can go to one of a handful of live casting sessions (in major cities, of course), or you can submit your entry online. The directions instruct you to “Sound informative, frustrated, happy, surprised, angry. Feel free to add grunts, groans, and mutterings, but no words other than “Aflac.” Include whatever you think the Duck should sound like. Be creative and show us if you’ve got what it takes to be the next Aflac Duck.” A commercial below shows a silent Aflac duck in need of a voice and directs you to the website (which you can also get to by clicking here or on the image above.)

What do you think? Do YOU have what it takes to be the next Aflac duck?

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