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Voice Overs Of The World: Mr. Peanut

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I enjoy the new Planters Mr. Peanut campaign too much not to write about the commercials, and now that they’ve got three spots out, I figured it was about time I got around to it. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Peanut has gone without a voice since his debut as a company mascot in 1916; that’s almost a hundred years! And now, Kraft Foods and Planters has created a new ad campaign around the mercurial peanut star, with none other than Robert Downey Jr. providing the voice! Here are all three ads so far, starting with the newest and going back to the oldest.

What’s great is that despite Mr. Downey being the main voice here, he clearly shares screen time with numerous other professional voice actors in each 30-second spot. In the three spots, I count nine different voices at work besides Downey’s. Now, most of them come from the newest spot above (with “Alejandro” a breakout almond star), but clearly Planters has created a stable of characters that inhabits this peanut-and-animal-driven world, and with each new commercial, more and more voice actors get the opportunity to shine.

While this isn’t Mr. Downey’s first foray into voice overs (he’s also provided VO work for Nissan), I think the Mr. Peanut character allows him to really capture the “Downey-ness” that his voice conveys. In this new campaign, Mr. Peanut is a self-absorbed man-about-town, and that’s certainly a quality that Robert Downey Jr.’s voice can capture extremely well. I love his performances in these spots.

What do you think? Is Robert Downey, Jr. the perfect casting choice for the legendary Mr. Peanut? (And on a side note, be thankful I decided not to end this post with something along the lines of us “being nuts about voice overs”!)

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