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Voice Overs Of The World: Voice Hors D’ouevres

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What goes better with some great voice overs than a little snack? Apparently not much, because the food advertising world is alive and well with some terrific voice overs in their ads. Here are three particularly creative and well-put-together new ads we’ve found with some terrific VO work in them.

The first ad (above) is a really funny (if slightly disturbing) concept about sharks performing taste tests on candy bars… and the people who ate them. But what really makes this piece work is the great voice over work of the actors playing the sharks. What I like about it, too, is that it would have been easy to go for a more stereotypical mafia/gangster sound for the sharks, as that’s often how they’re portrayed in animation. Instead, these sharks evoke more of an image of a bunch of guys who hang out and watch football and eat people snacks. For my money, the voice actors really get that feeling across exceptionally well.

The next ad is actually a series of four commercials for Frito Lay’s potato chip products. As part of their new “all-natural” theme, Frito-Lay has created these commercials to tout how three of their lines of products have switched to using only all natural ingredients. What better way to explain Frito-Lay’s commitment to nature than with some carefully crafted voice overs? Notice that, while there’s a female-voiced commercial along with the three male-voiced commercials, they all have a kind of similar feel to them — it’s a sort of casual, friendly, laid-back sound — that I think makes the commercials all work so well.

I’ll admit, I found the KFC commercial above to be particularly entertaining. Anytime I see a plate of chicken wings and a bottle of hot sauce on the telephone, I know I’m in for a voice over treat. And I really love the delivery of both the actors, especially the hot sauce bottle when he says, “There’s some else, isn’t there. Another sauce? Who is it? BBQ? Ranch?” and then again with, “It is ranch! I knew it! I can’t believe this!” It must have been a fun recording session for both actors to get to play up this sort of soapy melodrama.

So… are you hungry yet?

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