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Voice Overs Of The World: A Dash Of Clever

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As someone who writes about voice overs regularly, I always appreciate it when I come across a really clever or unique project, whether it be an advertisement or a narrative piece of some kind. Here are two spots I’ve stumbled across lately that feature not only terrific voice over performances, but also some truly great and creative concepts.

If you live in, well, just about any part of the country, chances are good you’ve been bombarded with snow recently. Which makes the ad above particularly effective. It claims to be “Approved by Summer, paid for by Spring and Fall,” and it’s basically a parody of the negative attack ads we so much of come any political vote season.

In the ad, the voice over extols how Winter is a dishonest season, lying about things like its duration and temperatures. Summer, on the other hand, “stands for barbecues, the smell of suntan lotion, and not being depressed.” Not only is the copy incredibly well-written, but the voice over perfectly captures that overly serious and dramatic tone of voice that so many political attack ads rely on.

The next ad is a terrific video promoting an advertising agency (makes sense that an ad agency would come up with a clever concept for their own ad campaign, no?) This video takes the typical case study video that we’ve seen for numerous companies and ad campaigns and applies it to a little girl’s birthday party. These videos usually follow a particular style, which presents details of the ad campaign shown through video and photos, coupled with music and voice over.

The voice over here is delivered perfectly, with the slightly analytical, subdued approach you often see in these videos. But what’s great is how the producers keep the voice over level. It would have been easy to let the VO morph into something sarcastic or snarky, but instead the even-keeled delivery really helps make the humor of the piece that much more impactful.

Which one do you think works the best?

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