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Voice Overs Of The World: A Tale Of Two Voice Overs

01.28.11 | Voice Overs of the World | team

Sometimes these blog entries just write themselves for me. This week, not one, but TWO different new commercial spots debuted that used great literary works as their inspiration! So buckle up, and journey into the world of literary voice overs with me! First up, we have a new commercial from Nike, promoting its devotion to [...]

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Voice Overs Of The World: A Dash Of Clever

01.21.11 | Voice Overs of the World | team

Here are two pieces I’ve stumbled across lately that feature not only terrific voice over performances, but also some truly great and creative concepts.

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Voice Overs Of The World: Voice Hors D’ouevres

01.14.11 | Voice Overs of the World | team

What goes better with some great voice overs than a little snack? Apparently not much, because the food advertising world is alive and well with some terrific voice overs in their ads. Here are three particularly creative and well-put-together new ads we’ve found with some terrific VO work in them. The first ad (above) is [...]

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The VO Story Of The Year (So Far!)

01.07.11 | Motivation | team

By now, you’ve probably heard about Ted Williams, the homeless man in Ohio with the golden voice who was featured on a local news broadcast and has become inundated with voice over jobs. It’s a truly great and heartwarming story, and we wish Mr. Williams all the best of luck. For those of you who are following the story, we’ve put together a collection of the most pertinent interviews and news coverage of Mr. Williams, so you can see this story unfold from start to finish.

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