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Voice Overs Of The World: The Internet Explosion

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One of the things we talk about a lot here at Voice Coaches is how the internet has really helped the voice over field explode. So today, in Voice Overs of the World, we found three cool videos that all showcase the amount of voice over work that comes directly from the internet.

The newest video (above) was produced by Asics after the most recent New York City Marathon. In addition to spotlighting some pretty cool technology and innovative uses of social media, this two-and-a-half minute video uses voice over throughout the entire thing. It’s a nice, educational, informative piece, and it’s actually a pretty substantial job for a voice talent. Not only is the video much longer than a standard commercial (even though that’s effectively what it is), but the VO is constant throughout almost the entire video.

The second video (above) was produced by Burger King last year as a result of their “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign. Once again, social media comes into play here. For those of you unfamiliar with the campaign, last year Burger King started a promotion where, if you unfriended 10 people on Facebook, you got a coupon for a free Whopper. After over 200,000 people were unfriended, Facebook shut down the function, seemingly bringing Burger King’s campaign to an end. In response, however, BK put out this video on its website and various other internet media outlets to let the public know about the massive success they had with it.

It was a clever campaign that got a lot of press, and the resulting internet chaos and Facebook clampdown resulted in a nice gig for a voice actor out there. This minute-and-a-half long video is basically just a collection of images from Facebook, the media, and the Burger King website, but the voice over runs through the entire thing. And while Burger King could have chosen an obnoxious, over-the-top, snarky VO, the delivery is more matter of fact, with just a hint of whimsy to it. I like that approach a lot.

The final video is from a few years back, and it comes from across the pond in Europe, where the Fiat car company uses an animated video to talk about how eco-friendly the company is. With an upscale British accent driving the VO, we get a video that manages to convey a lot of information, yet at the same time remain playful and entertaining. Once again, at over a minute long and with constant voice over, this is a pretty nice gig for a talented voice actor.

So remember, when you’re out there marketing yourself, don’t ignore the internet development companies in your areas!

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