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Voice Overs Of The World: Best Buy Christmas

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Electronics retailer Best Buy has launched a new ad campaign for the holidays that uses computer animation to bring to life Santa’s elves and a special elf dressed in blue and yellow. The best part about computer generated characters? They all need voice overs, of course!

These are pretty clever commercials, with some funny and sharply written scripts, but of course, the excellent voice overs really make them successful. Key to each commercial is Kenneth the Blue Elf, who gives possibly his finest performance in this first commercial, where he gives a rousing speech to get the elves excited about tech support around the holidays. It’s a terrific delivery by a clearly talented voice actor, who sounds like he’s having fun with the role.

In the second commercial, Kenneth counsels some elves about the current economy, and shatters the dreams of a singing snowman at the same time. We hear a few new elf voices in this spot, with a line or two each. By the end of the campaign, you’ll see there’s quite a tally of voice actors with lines to read in this ad campaign.

There’s yet another new elf in the third commercial, who gets a lot of lines to deliver. The voice actor behind the elf sounds not unlike Piglet from the Winnie the Pooh cartoons, and he gets to have fun with some pretty normal lines as well as more unique lines such as, “Boom Bam Boom!” and “I said I wouldn’t cry…” Lots of fun!

In this final commercial, Kenneth the Elf saves Christmas from being canceled (he is a resourceful little fellow, that Kenneth!) Now, earlier I mentioned that this ad campaign was racking up an impressive tally of voice actors, and at the end of the commercials, I’ve counted nine separate voices, plus the narrator, for a total of 10 different voice actors. (Or at least 10 different roles. Of course, some voice actors might have been responsible for more than one voice.) Still, for a commercial campaign made up of four 30-second spots, that’s a lot of potential VO work, and it’s VO work for a national chain, which isn’t a bad gig at all!

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