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Voice Overs Of The World: Apple Auto Glass

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This week in Voice Overs of the World, we have a couple of spots from Apple Auto Glass, who are apparently experts in replacing car windshields. They’re also experts in making clever advertisements that feature a nice play on the classic “educational/instructional film” style of delivery.

In the first spot above, we meet Bob (and his teenage daughter, Hailey, of course.) We learn that Bob is obsessed with safety, and our informative voice actor describes all the safety measures Bob takes. What I like about this spot is that it’s a nice parody of an established style (old school educational and instructional videos), and it manages to elicit humor without going over the top.

The deadpan delivery is spot-on, especially when the talent says, “A cel phone, GPS, blankets, candles, and a can of navy beans. Yes, navy beans.” That line is presented in such a matter-of-fact fashion — even though it’s utterly ridiculous — that you can’t help but laugh.

In the second spot, we meet Jane, “protective mother of two,” who’s also a safety fanatic. This is an even funnier spot than the last one, in my opinion, as we learn all about how Jane’s “kitchen knives are unlocked by retinal scanners… and pet-borne illness eliminated.” Again, the voice actor does a terrific job here of using a deadpan delivery that is not overly conversational, but not boring, either. Instead, the even tone of his reading really helps to send home the humor, rather than overplaying it and taking away from the laughs.

These are a couple of great commercials from Apple Auto Glass. Which one do you like better?

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