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Voice Overs Of The World: Royal Caribbean

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Today’s Voice Overs of the World focuses on a pair of new commercials from Royal Caribbean. While most people may think of Summer as the typical vacation time frame, Royal Caribbean has two commercial spots designed to get you cruising now, as we head into fall.

Both of these commercials focus on vacation time, and how people apparently don’t use all of theirs. (They must not have young kids, because I certainly don’t have any problem using up all of mine!) There are two different minute-long spots, one featuring a female voice actor, and one featuring a male. But pay attention to the copy as you’re listening.

In the first spot, we get a lot of numbers thrown our way.The talent gives an interesting delivery, crossing over between a sort of lecture-ish delivery and some occasional conversational style. It’s certainly not an announcer-style delivery, butt it’s clearly meant to evoke the feel of a traditionally boring business meeting, which is referenced right in the commercial. There’s a good amount of copy squeezed into this one-minute spot, with very little in the way of background elements like sound effects or music. This one rests squarely on the talent’s delivery.

In the second commercial, I find it interesting that the male voice actor actually has a much more conversational style of delivery, rather than a similar “lecture” tone. Even though the copy is identical to that in the first commercial, the delivery is completely different. This is actually a really great example of how two different actors can deliver two completely different reads almost exactly the same piece of copy. It’s rare to find two commercials with almost the same exact copy by different voice actors, so this is a really great comparison piece. It goes to show exactly why so many different voices are constantly in demand; everyone brings something different and interesting to the table.

Which one do you like better?

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