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Voice Overs Of The World: Meat ‘n’ Potatoes

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Well, ok, so it’s more like soup and oatmeal, but I think “Meat ‘n’ Potatoes” has a bit more of a ring to it, don’t you?

In today’s installment of Voice Overs of the World, we have a couple of new food-related commercials that make use of some terrific voice overs to give the ads a personal, relatable feel.

Now, if you think the voice in the commercial above sounds familiar, it’s because it’s Oscar-nominated actor Richard Jenkins. I usually don’t spotlight ads by celebrity talent, but Jenkins (one of my personal favorites) does such a great job with the copy that I had to share this spot.

In fact, this commercial even got its own write-up in a recent edition of the Chicago Sun Times. Writer Lewis Lazare comments, “‘Wake Up, America,’ is one of the niftiest pieces of TV commercial work we’ve seen in a while. From the first shot of a tea kettle rattling on the stove to the final frame with the tagline — “Does Your Breakfast Make You Amazing?” — ‘Wake Up, America’ is an exquisitely rendered ode to the glories of the morning. As the visuals unfold, a voiceover announcer offers up some intelligent ad copy about the significance of the morning in both specific and nonspecific terms. He tells us the morning is when we charge into the future.”

I love it when a voice over gets national media attention! (Especially when the attention is given to the ad itself, not the celebrity voice behind it!)

The word” amazing” comes into play once again in the next spot from Campbell’s Soup. And once again, a celebrity voice is at the helm of a great commercial. (This time, it’s Tim Allen.) And once again — again! — I generally try not to talk about voice overs by celebrities. But let’s face it, Tim Allen has done some great VO work in his time. From his iconic portrayal as Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies to something as simple and charming as a soup ad, there’s no denying that Mr. Allen is one talented fellow behind the microphone.

Next week: non-celebrity voice overs, guaranteed!

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