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Voice Overs Of The World: Orange

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European communications giant Orange has struck voice over gold with a new line of commercials featuring a distinctly American style of VO delivery. Below are three great examples of the campaign.

In the first video, above. We meet both Apology Nico (who’s always late) and our narrator, who sounds like he’s straight out of the old west. Backed with some low-key, rambling music, there’s a strongly American feel to the whole commercial. Which is odd, because this is a European telecommunications company. You can’t get their services in America even you want to. But, hey, the end result is some great VO work for an American voice talent (or a European voice talent doing one heck of an American accent.)

In the next spot, we meet Matteo, the online romancer. We have the same narrator, the same music, and the same overall approach to the commercials. You’ve got to love the delivery at work here, though. (This spot is hands down my favorite of the three.) I especially love it when the talent says, “… and a little talk, to let them down… gently.” It’s a nice moment in the spot; tender, yet humorous.

The final spot above introduces us to Tania the Party Planner. Once again, the voice talent — who I’ve decided by this point to call “Smokey Joe” — tells us a little bit about her party planning activities. This particular commercial might confuse some audiences the most, as it’s predicated on the knowledge of what a Flash Mob is. (It’s a large group of people who appear in a public place all at once and perform some synchronized activity.)

Despite the slightly more esoteric nature of Tania’s activities, good ol’ Smokey Joe is here once again to tell us about her phone habits. At this point, his voice is familiar and comforting… and that’s what good audio branding is all about, folks.

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