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Voice Overs Of The World – Meerkat Madness

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I never see these ads on television, but they must air somewhere, because they’re all over the internet. Regardless, CompareTheMarket.com’s animated “CompareTheMeerkat.com” ad campaign is a wonderful foray into the world of character voice acting.

I’ve watched a number of these ads online, and I think they’re pretty well done. They go all out with the characterization of Aleksandr the Meerkat, from the thick, heavy accent to the old world-style cadence and delivery. I’m convinced that this is not actually a Russian voice talent, but rather an actor who does a really great sterotypical Russian accent. Either way, his delivery is spot-on.

The commercial above is even more notable from a VO point of view because it features several other voices in small supporting roles. A lot of these ads feature just Aleksandr, but in this spot, I count at least an additional four voices delivering a few words each. Sure, some of them aren’t more than a single line, but hey, who’s going to complain about getting a VO job in something this creative?

And just for the fun of it, enjoy some Meerkat bloopers in the video above. I love the fact that a voice actor got paid to make fake bloopers. How much fun was that recording session?

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