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Voice Overs Of The World: Chef Boyardee

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You wouldn’t necessarily think of a line of canned pasta products aimed at kids as the place to go for voice over work, but Chef Boyardee’s latest campaign has been using some creative VO deliveries of late. So far, there are two ads in this new campaign of theirs — in which children’s forgotten playthings confronting said children — but I suspect more are on the way.

In the first video (above), we see a young girl’s blankey coming to life to call her out on the fact that she never pays attention to him anymore. What I like about the casting choice here is that it would have been easy to go with a soft, sweet voice to represent such a cherished childhood totem, but instead the filmmakers went with a sort of goofy-sounding, slightly acerbic guy’s voice. It’s a nice example of casting against type. Here’s this manly, kind of macho voice coming out of a soft, cuddly, pink blanket. I love it!

What I especially love are the last few lines of the spot, which make me laugh out loud: “Bridget, save it. We know you have a blankey, we know his name is Rick, and I know he’s in your backpack. Now, who wants to snuggle?” With that voice… it’s perfect!

The second spot seems like it was a lot of fun for the voice talent to record. Playing your a barking soldier seems like a great way to get some aggression out, and I really love the line where he yells at the kid, “All this time you sat in the company of that meaty ravioli while I was out in the bush… literally! You outgrew me and left me under a bush five years ago, and there ain’t no ravioli out there, son! Just dirt!” Great writing like that makes it easier to give a great VO performance; can you imagine how many different ways you could deliver that line in the recording booth?

And let’s not forget the separate voice overs at the end of each spot, by a third voice talent. Delivered in a more traditional announcer-style delivery (seemingly with a wink), this short but impactful VO hearkens back to the days of old school advertising, and seeing as how both commercials are done in a humorous, over-the-top style, I think this is one case where the announcer style really works.

I can’t wait to see which childhood memory Chef Boyardee dredges up next!

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