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VO Behind The Scenes: Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt

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In the world of animation and video games, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt are the reigning king and queen of voice overs. (The fact that they’re married in real life lends to the image of VO royalty.) You might not recognize their names, but you’ll definitely recognize their voices. Here’s just a sampling of their credits:

Yuri: Superman on Legion of Super Heroes, the prince in Prince of Persia, Ben Tennyson on Ben 10: Alien Force, Iceman on X-Men, Prince Alexander in Veggie Tales, and dozens of other roles in animation, video games, and anime dubbing.

Tara: Wonder Woman in the Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe video game, the Red Queen in Resident Evil, the narrator in Cinderella III, and numerous characters in the Desperate Housewives video game, along with dozens of roles in anime series.

In the first interview above (courtesy of Backstage), Tara and Yuri share their thoughts on what makes a good demo, and what do you know? They say a lot of the same things we teach here at Voice Coaches! They offer up some terrific thoughts on how to maximize the potential of your demo, as well as adding in some do’s and don’ts that we agree with 100%.

In the second video, we get a really good insight into the recording process for video games and animation, which is a little bit different from your typical commercial copy. We also get to find out a little bit about the unique challenges involved with creating English dubbing for Japanese animation.

Yuri and Tara are luminaries in the world of voice over, and I think they offered up some great insights here for aspiring voice actors. Next time you’re watching an animated series or playing a video game, pay attention; there’s a good chance you’ll hear one of them at work.

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