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VO Behind The Scenes: The Simpsons Revisited

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This isn’t the first time I’ve shared behind-the-scenes videos from The Simpsons here in VO Behind The Scenes, but our friends over at VU just turned us on to this great interview clip with Hank Azaria, and I had to share it with you.

Azaria voices a lot of characters on the show, but what stands out about it for me — besides Azaria’s immense talent as a voice actor — is how he draws inspiration for his characters from people in his real life. This is a great tool for all kinds of voice actors, even if you’re not doing character voices. Being able to pull from people you know to help inform and inspire performances in anything, from a car commercial to an animated video, is a great way to try new and creative approaches. Azaria clearly has this skill down to a science, as he demonstrates in this very funny interview.

Next, we have a great interview with Harry Shearer, who voices everyone from Principal Skinner to Mr. Burns to Itchy, in a radio interview from right before the opening of The Simpsons Movie a few years back.

Like Azaria, Shearer brings a stellar array of voices to the show and, while he doesn’t perform any of them here, I think this is still a pretty cool interview. It’s great to hear Shearer talk about the cast’s input on their characters and how they really do have a feel for the way they talk and what they would say. Again, as with any voice acting performance, finding your character and approach is important. This goes for any kind of voice over, whether it’s a normal, conversational performance or a crazy character voice.

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