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Voice Overs Of The World: Yo Quiero Voice Overs

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I love finding videos like these; not only are they lots of fun, but they’re further proof that the internet has completely reinvigorated the voice over field. The latest company to bring voice overs to the forefront of the web revolution? None other than Taco Bell.

Viral videos are an innovative advertising tool that have become a phenomenon on the web over the past few years. They’re typically videos that don’t air on regular television (but instead on the internet) and are longer than the usual commercial, and oftentimes they’re only tangentially related to the product they’re advertising. They can be pretty creative, and here are a few examples of some new ones that really hit it out of the park.

Taco Bell’s new series of viral videos is called Super Delicious Ingredient Force, and they’re a parody of the old Super Friends cartoons that I grew up watching. Not only are they incredibly funny, but they feature a large voice over cast. In the first episode (above), you meet the Force, which has 10 different members played by (presumably) 10 different voice actors.

Now, granted, some of the voice actors might be playing two or three characters, but when you add in the narrator and the supporting characters, you’re still talking about at least a half-dozen voice actors or more getting roles here.

I love the performances in these videos. They’re silly and over the top, but they’re supposed to be silly and over the top. Characters like Flex Tortilla and Commander Seasoned Beef (and that narrator!) are delightfully ridiculous, while Chicken Woman, Fantastic Bean, and Captain Enchilada Sauce play with the animated archetypes of the ’70s and ’80s. In short, even though all of the characters are meant to be humorous and goofy, there isn’t a bad performance in the bunch. I have to imagine the recording sessions for these videos were a lot of fun.

These are the first two videos in the series, and Taco Bell has announced plans to launch six of them altogether. That’s a pretty sweet gig for the voice talents involved.

You Quiero Voice Overs!

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