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Voice Overs Of The World: Cats & Dogs & Bears, Oh My!

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I’ll probably never get tired of writing about talking animals here at Voice Overs of the World. Why? Well, because they’re such a great source of work for voice over artists? I mean, what better way is there to bring the innermost thoughts of animals and pets to life than through the power of a great voice over?

In the first two ads (above and below), we have a couple of great commercials for Bayer’s Advocate pet medicine. These spots make great use of a talented voice actor who clearly specializes in character voices; more specifically, celebrity impressions. I’m pretty sure it’s the same voice actor in both commercials, and we are treated to some spot-on impressions of some of the world’s most famous actors, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall, and Sean Connery.

And then, don’t you know it, right at the end of the commercials pops in a completely different female voice. This actor brings in the more traditional “narrator” voice, telling you what the actual product in the advertisement is. I like the choice of voice for the tagline, too; cool, smooth, and deep. This isn’t the voice of a pet’s concerned mother, but rather an in-the-know voice of authority from the company that makes the medicine.

Next up, we have a great ad from McDonald’s with a pair of talking bears. I don’t know who did the casting for this spot but I don’t think you could have found a more perfect voice for Papa Bear. With a deep, growly timbre that’s reminiscent of a John Goodman/Hoyt Axton type, this voice actor really has a rumble to his voice that says, “I’m a bear.” While the younger voice actor doesn’t get as much screen time (so to speak), he works well with the older voice actor to create a convincing father/son relationship. It’s a fun ad that makes creative use of voice over and features some terrific performances and casting.

Finally, we have this… odd… commercial for 98 FM, which utilizes a talking seal with a randomly Antonio Banderas-ian accent extolling the virtues of “making right now… good.” In the commercial, the talking seal appears in random places and gives people advice on making now “good.” It’s kind of a silly commercial, but I do really like the performance of the voice actor in general, and especially when he says, “Kiss him, you fool!” I have to imagine that this was probably not the most serious day in the recording studio and was probably a lot of fun to record.

They say in Hollywood you’re never supposed to work with kids or animals, bit I think working as an animal seems like lots of fun!

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