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VO Behind-The-Scenes: Marvel’s Super Hero Squad

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Aside from the fact that I’m a comic book fan to begin with, I love Marvel Comics because they’ve really embraced voice overs as a great tool to bring comic books to life. I’ve already written about the company’s efforts twice (check those posts out here and here), and I find myself once again presenting some great behind-the-scenes videos from one of Marvel’s newer projects.

Marvel’s latest animated series, The Super Hero Squad Show, is a big hit with little kids. A super hero cartoon aimed squarely at the kindergarten set, the show employs some top notch voice actors to bring the characters to life. In the first interview above, we get to hear Tom Kenny talk about playing Iron Man and Captain America. Tom Kenny is probably best known for playing the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, but he’s an animation giant, having appeared in everything from Futurama to Batman to The Power Puff Girls to Scooby Doo.

Next up, we have an interview with Grey Delisle, who’s also a titan in the animation industry, having been acting in animated series’ for almost 20 years. She’s appeared in everything from Clifford the Big Red Dog to X-Men to Star Wars to Disney’s Kim Possible. What’s cool here (and in the Tom Kenny interview) is that you get to see inside the recording sessions for the show, wherein the entire cast is all in one big recording studio. I’ve seen some animated projects where ensemble casts all record their lines separately, so it’s cool to get to see a big group of voice actors get to interact.

Who’s your voice over super hero?

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