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Voice Overs Of The World: The Need For Speed

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I always love when I can find a great theme for Voice Overs of the World, and today’s theme just happens to be cars. Now whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, there’s no denying that some of the biggest advertising budgets in the world belong to the major car manufacturers. And when you have huge ad budgets, you also often find huge voice overs! Here’s a look at three new commercial spots that all feature prominent voice over work.

First up, we have an ad for the new Jeep Cherokee. This is probably my favorite of the three ads presented here because I think the combination of the haunting Johnny Cash song that’s used as the music for the spot (that’s Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” laid down under the VO) and the excellent voice over really just evoke a mood of strength and patriotism.

I like the delivery of the piece quite a bit, especially because the voice actor doesn’t go over the top. With the driving music and vintage footage behind it, he instead employs a slightly reserved delivery; keeping the gravelly tone to his voice and speaking rather than announcing, but not overplaying it and devolving into caricature or jingoism. This could have been a “Rah-rah, AMerica!” commercial, and instead the whole piece just has a great mood to it, largely due to the voice over.

Next up, we have a commercial for Mercedes, which starts off with a bit of a storytelling style to advertise its product before shifting to a more commercial approach. Notice how the narrator starts off with a more breathy, dreamy tone as the commercial begins heading into a dream world, but then gets noticeably deeper and stronger by the end. Pay attention to how, right around the time the narrator says, “…And being a pioneer of excellence in mobility, now and forever more,” his voice drops into a much deeper register, giving that line a real sense of power.

An interesting side note: the voice talent for Mercedes-Benz is none other than Richard Thomas, who is best known for playing John-Boy on The Waltons, who has gone on to find quite a career for himself in voice overs.

Finally, we wrap things up with Hyundai. Now I’ve talked about Hyundai’s ads before here in Voice Overs of the World, and since they’re narrated by a celebrity (none other than Jeff Bridges), I try not to focus too much on them. But this is great piece for a couple of reasons. First of all, Bridges always does a very nice job with his voice overs (he is an Oscar winner, after all.) But I love the fact that in this particular commercial, he has to say, “Paula St. John Lawrence Lawler Burr Strong Yates Stephenson Callaghan Hunt Milne Thompson Shankley Bennet Paisley O’Sullivan was named after the entire team.” That could not have been easy to get out in one breath!

What car commercial voice overs do you like?

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