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Voice Overs Of The World: Right On, Target

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Target has just launched a new advertising campaign called “Life’s a Moving Target.” These are pretty nice ads, following people throughout their life’s journeys at different stages. So far, there are two ads that I’ve seen, and both of them feature voice over as a dominant aspect of the ad.

In the first spot, we get to hear and see the story of a couple and how they met and fell in love, eventually getting married and having a daughter. It’s a well-written ad that brings the storyline of the piece full circle, but it’s the delivery by the voice actor that really sells it all. (As usual, there’s no way of knowing if the actor on screen is the voice actor, but — also as usual — I’d wager that it’s not.)

Her delivery has a nice sense of flirty fun, but also a deeper sense of romance and love. It straddles the line nicely between being cute and being heartfelt, and there’s a smile in her voice that never once disappears. You can bet she was smiling in the vocal booth when she was recording this piece, too.

The second spot focuses on a young girl named Mary, and it’s narrated by a woman who I think is maybe meant to be her mother, although she could also just be the narrator of this girl’s story. Like the ad above, this spot features a fun, lighthearted voice over, but it definitely downplays the softer, breathier side of things that’s associated with romance for a bright cheerfulness that celebrates the joys of childhood. What I especially like about the excellent delivery here is how the voice actor has to go through all seven days of the week and make each day (and the color associated with it) sound just a little bit different, which is no small feat.

I’m impressed with these new Target ads, and I think they can go a lot of places with this campaign. I expect we’ll continue to see some great voice over performances as it continues.

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