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Voice Overs Of The World: 2010 World Cup

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June 11th marks the start of the 2010 World Cup, an event celebrated the world over, so you know what that means, right? Voice overs! Or at least, commercials for the World Cup featuring some pretty cool voice overs.

In the first video above, we learn all about the number 10. This is a great commercial that has an enlivened, inspirational feel to it. Notice how, even with the uplifting music in the background, the voice talent for this commercial elevates the piece with his bright, clean, and clear voice. He manages to convey with a sense of “twinkle in the eye,” just using his voice and delivery. Right from the first line where the actor says, “The number ten,” he automatically has your attention. I suspect that even if the background music was removed, this would still be an uplifting piece, thanks to the VO. Pretty cool.

Yes, that is U2′s Bono providing the voice over for the second commercial. It’s an extremely fitting piace for the singer to take on, too; he’s well known for his activism for global causes, and especially his work in helping get aid to Africa, which is where the 2010 World Cup is taking place. I think he does a pretty good job, too, especially for someone who’s not a trained voice actor. It’s interesting, though, how what starts out as a pretty straightforward voice over takes on a lyrical, almost rap-like delivery by the end. Clearly, this is intentional as the piece builds in intensity as it goes and finishes with the roar of the crowd. Even when he’s not singing, Bono has an extremely recognizable voice, making this quite an effective commercial, and a neat use of voice over.

This final commercial takes on a slightly darker tone in the beginning, but in the end is still inspirational and uplifting, like both of the previous spots. The voice over is subtle but effective, too. Unlike the Bono piece that builds in intensity, this one holds a sense of reverence and respect throughout. It’s a nice style choice: the music does the uplifting part, and the voice over simply tells a story, without needing to be bombastic or over the top.

As a side note (this will come in handy for a future game of Trivial Pursuit, I’m sure), it’s interesting that U2 is clearly involved on some level with these ads. Not only does Bono provide one of the voice overs, but all three spots use U2 songs as their powerful, inspirational music. The first commercial features “Out of Control,” the second spot uses “Magnificent,” and the final ad features “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

I’m impressed with the commercials ESPN has produced for the 2010 World Cup and their terrific use of voice over. I’m sure there will be a lot more great examples of great VO’s during the World Cup itself, where we’re sure to see a ton of new ads cropping up, much like we did during The Olympics. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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