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VO Behind-The-Scenes: 9

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Even though the movie came out last year, I just discovered this great interview with Elijah Wood (star of the Lord of the Rings movies) as he discusses his role in the animated feature film 9, among other things.

In the interview, Wood discusses a number of topics, but early on he talks about the challenges involved in voice overs versus on-camera acting, and we even get to see some footage of him in the vocal booth recording his part. Wood is no stranger to VO work, though; as he talks about later in the interview, he also provided the voice of Spyro the Dragon in the three hit video games that make up the popular Spyro the Dragon franchise.

Below is another making-of video that looks at the film as a whole, but it gives you a chance to see some of the great voice work as it sounds in the film, and it lets you see acting greats such as Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, and Elijah Wood in the vocal booth.

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