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VO Behind The Scenes: Iron Man

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A couple of years ago, there was this little, tiny independent film that kind of took off and became a big hit; you might have heard of it? I believe it was called Iron Man. (I think it was a drama about a man who was closed off from his emotions — you know, an iron man.) Well, as you might have heard by now, there’s a sequel coming out to that small sleeper hit, so what better time to look behind the scenes of a slightly different version of the Armored Avenger?

Marvel Comics has been bringing out motion comics for the past couple of years; they’re basically animated comic books that can be downloaded and watched on computers and portable media devices. What’s great about these motion comics is that they employ multiple voice actors to bring all the characters to life. In today’s VO Behind The Scenes, we’re treated to a terrific interview with voice actor DJ Tanner, who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man in the new Iron Man: Extremis motion comic.

What’s interesting about the interview for me is how Tanner sounds nothing like Robert Downey, Jr., who plays Iron Man in the live action film. One of the nice things about there being so many different types of media nowadays is that there is plenty of room for interpretation. Not every actor to play Iron Man from here on out has to sound like a clone of Robert Downey Jr. I also found it funny that Tanner says, “The coolest thing I got to do as part of this project was… scream my guts out.” Ironically, Rick Wasserman had a similar story to share when talking about playing the Hulk in Marvel’s Planet Hulk animated film when I interviewed him recently for our Voice Coaches Radio podcast. (You can listen to that by clicking here; then scroll down to Episode #32 – Hulk Smash!)

Tanner was also featured in a recent VO Behind The Scenes we did about the X-Men motion comic, in which he portrayed Wolverine. Again, he’s a far cry from Hugh Jackman, but clearly this versatile actor is a favorite of the studio producing the Marvel motion comics, and for good reason. When you combine talent and a willingness to experiment with an easygoing, fun, laid-back nature, the result is success!

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