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Voice Overs Of The World: Old Navy’s SuperModelquins

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For as long as I can remember, Old Navy has always had a unique sensibility to its ads. Their latest campaign, the SuperModelquins, has been running for over a year now, so it must be doing well for them. And while I’ve seen a bunch of them over the past several months, it wasn’t until this most recent batch that I really paid attention to just how much voice over work there is going on in each commercial. Here I’ve spotlighted three of their most recent (and most voice-over-intensive) commercials in the campaign.

The first commercial sets up the latest wave of the campaign: The SuperModelquin Super Search, a clear parody of shows such as Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. The two main characters in the spot are the American show host, Kelly, and the as-yet unnamed British judge. These two voices do the majority of the work in this commercial, although there are — believe it or not — five (and possibly six, if the giggle and the gasp of the contestant were done by a separate voice talent, which I believe they were) distinct voice actors in this first commercial.

The second commercial also sees five distinct voices at work, including a young sounding voice that simply says, “You blinked.” We also get a new judge in this commercial; another American voice to complement the British judge, who returns here as well. Of course, the announcer voice comes in at the end with a high energy pitch leading you to Old Navy’s website and a chance to win a cash prize.

The final ad is the only one that has a voice in the commercial that was provided by a live actress, and even with that, there are still five separate voice actors at work. Notice that even though the closing announcer’s voice sounds as if it’s just one take repeated three times, he’s actually pitching different sales in each version and in fact, each ad features a different closing narration. Still, we have numerous judges and the host commenting this time around.

It’s amazing how many different voices Old Navy fits into each of these 30-second spots. I had to listen to each one a couple of times to pick them all out. Don’t miss the opening female announcer’s sound-effect-enhanced dialogue, or the little quick asides such as the male SuperModelquin judge shouting, “Call me!” in the first commercial.

And of course, my favorite line of all three commercials comes in this last spot: “Never give up your dreams of being fake.” Thanks for that gem, Old Navy!

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