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Voice Overs Of The World: iPhone Ads

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I’ve been wanting to write about Apple’s iPhone commercials here at Voice Overs of the World for a long time, not just because I love the iPhone, but because they’ve always been great commercials with really terrific voice overs. I’ve never been able to settle on exactly which ad to write about, though, but now Apple has thrown something new at us in terms of the voice overs, so I knew the time was right.

First off, above is one of the traditional iPhone ads. These have been airing since 2007, and they’re largely known for their catchphrase, “There’s an app for that.” I’ve always really enjoyed the voice overs in these commercials; I appreciate the kind of laid-back, casual approach that the voice actor delivers. You know, it’s not that long ago that this type of ad would have featured a deep voiced male announcer proclaiming, “THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!”

Apple and the commercial’s producers, however, picked a voice that represented the generation that buys the iPhone, and he just sort of tells you about what makes the phone neat instead of commanding you to buy it. So these are great ads, but up until now they’ve been dominated solely by a male voice.

Well, that’s all changed now due to two new commercials from Apple for the iPhone that feature female VO talent. In the first one, we learn about how the iPhone has helped a mom make family vacations so much better. She has a similar delivery style to the “traditional” iPhone ad: laid-back, casual, interesting. She sounds like a bright-eyed, cheerful mom and I find her voice over to be easy to listen to and engaging.

She even gets a little sarcasm in there when she says, “So WE turned out the lights.” Fun!

In the second new ad, we have a slightly different approach. This voice over is slightly less carefree and a little bit more impressed. The woman who’s talking about the iPhone is obviously amazed by its abilities and is sharing with us how bowled over she is by the ways she was able to share her baby taking his first steps.

I love how much you can hear the smile in her voice throughout the entire piece; it’s really top-notch work. What’s also interesting about this spot is the two additional voices that come in just at the the end of the commercial, including a male voice who has just one word to say: “Oops!”

Probably not the hardest voice over gig that guy’s ever had!

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