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VO Behind The Scenes: Marvel Motion Comics

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Welcome to a new section of the Voice Coaches Blog called VO Behind the Scenes. Like our Voice Overs of the World feature, this will be a regular feature (although I haven’t determined if it will be weekly yet or not) that will give you, the reader, a behind the scenes glimpse into voice overs big and small. We’ll be bringing you videos, news, and commentary on the stuff that you don’t see (or more accurately, hear) with a finished voice over commercial or narrative. I thought it would be fun to share with you not just some noteworthy VO’s like we do in Voice Overs of the World, but also give you some insight into how they’re created, recorded, and cast.

For our first installment of VO Behind the Scenes, we’re going to look at Marvel Comics’ new Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic. Our good friend (and presenter at Voice Coaches 2009 Marketing Expo!) Dave Goldberg of Edge Studios hosts a tour through their studios above, and you get a chance to see one of the voice actors recording his role.

What this video conveys nicely is what a fun and laid-back place a recording studio can be, even when a major project is being recorded. Also, note the different types of direction the producer gives the voice actor. They only show a couple of takes here, but I’m sure they recorded many of his lines a number of different times with different approaches each time. For a project like this, it’s not uncommon to record the voice actors doing each line in a dozen different reads, so they can deliver a number of options to the client. This is where creativity and flexibility on the part of the talent really comes into play.

I was also intrigued by the hybrid script shown in the video, with the dialogue on one side of the page and the original comic book panels on the other side. What a unique tool for the voice actor in the booth to get a real sense of their character and the action that’s happening around them. Very creative!

Motion Comics are a cool and exciting new medium for voice actors to work in, but as this video shows, when it comes to the talent, the process isn’t much different from recording any other kind of VO.

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