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Voice Overs Of The World: Cola Wars

01.29.10 | Voice Overs of the World | team

Recently, I’ve been seeing a great Dr. Pepper advertisement on TV that I wanted to spotlight here. Of course, that spurred me to do a little research and see if I could find any great voice overs from soda giants Coke and Pepsi as well. What I got was a little bit of a history lesson, as well as some great voice over examples!

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Happy 21st Birthday, Bart!

01.26.10 | News | team

Whether you’re a casual fan, an obsessive fan (like myself), or not a fan at all, there’s no denying the impact that The Simpsons has had on popular culture. But where would the show be without that indelible cast of voice actors bringing the characters to life each and every week for 20 years?

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Voice Overs Of The World: Wii Active

01.22.10 | Voice Overs of the World | team

I want to look at the advertising for the EA Sports Active Game for the Nintendo Wii (hereafter called simply the Wii Active, as it’s commonly known). Below is the full-length commercial for the game, and I think it has some rather neat voice over aspects to it.

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VO Behind The Scenes – Mass Effect 2

01.20.10 | VO Behind the Scenes | team

What you don’t see in this four-minute promotional video are the dozens (if not more) of lesser-known voice actors who provided voices for this game. Even characters with one or two lines each–which are plentiful in a video game this size–are usually performed by a number of different voice actors. Some of them will play multiple characters, but a major video game effort like this usually involves the recording of some hundreds of characters. Remember, while the average Hollywood movie has approximately 2,000 lines of dialogue, the average video game has anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 lines of dialogue.

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Voice Overs Of The World: Pop Secret

01.12.10 | Voice Overs of the World | team

In this week’s Voice Overs of the World, I want to take a look at Pop Secret’s new ad campaign. I have to admit that I really do love these commercials. Not only are they clever and funny, but they’re well-animated and feature some terrific voice overs. And the best part is, each commercial uses multiple characters, meaning that each one also provided work to multiple voice actors.

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VO Behind The Scenes: Marvel Motion Comics

01.08.10 | VO Behind the Scenes | team

A behind the scenes glimpse into voice overs big and small; videos, news, and commentary on the stuff that you don’t see (or more accurately, hear) with most voice overs. This gives you some insight into how many voice overs are created, recorded, and cast.

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Voice Overs Of The World: Geico

01.04.10 | Voice Overs of the World | team

In their newest series of ads, various items that cause damage to cars such as tree branches, potholes, and even other cars are brought to life via some clever and well-acted voice overs.

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