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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Looking Back And Looking Forward

12.31.09 | Education | team

The 5 most notable events in the voice over field from 2009 and some New Year’s resolutions for voice actors.

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Voice Overs Of The World: Sense Of Wonder

12.28.09 | Voice Overs of the World | team

A look at a few different ads that all do one thing considerably well: convey a sense of wonder.

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Voice Overs Of The World: The Island of Misfit Toys

12.21.09 | Voice Overs of the World | team

It just goes to show how enduring the original Rudolph specials (and the voice talents behind them) are when 40+ years after they originally aired, they’re being used as inspiration for advertisements.

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A Young Voice Silenced

12.21.09 | News | team

The acting and voice over world lost a shining star yesterday when it was announced that Brittany Murphy, star of films such as Sin City, 8 Mile, Girl Interrupted, Clueless, and Don’t Say A Word, had died.

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The End Of An Era

12.18.09 | News | team

The Walt Disney Company and the animation world at large suffered a loss on Wednesday, December 16th, when Roy E. Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney and guiding hand of the Disney company for the past several decades, passed away.

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Voice Overs Of The World: Raisin Bran Crunch

12.14.09 | Voice Overs of the World | team

It’s pretty brave of a major company to put out an internet video that barely talks about its product at all (, but thanks to a creative approach and a really top-notch voice over, it works extremely well.

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There’s An App For That

12.11.09 | Education | team

If there’s one thing that having an iPhone in my pocket has taught me, it’s that the future is never very far away.

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Voice Overs Of The World: Harvard Infomercial

12.07.09 | Voice Overs of the World | team

For this edition of Voice Overs of the World, I wanted to take a look at a spoof video that’s made its way online. This fake Harvard Infomercial is a pretty funny parody that pokes fun at Ivy League colleges. What I like about it the most, however, is how it really nails the look and feel of the real-life infomercials and commercials that we see on late night cable ads.

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VO Behind The Scenes: When Luke Skywalker Meets The Joker

12.04.09 | VO Behind the Scenes | team

I recently stumbled across a terrific little interview with Mark Hamill about voicing The Joker in a new video game on the pop culture website Geek Chic Daily. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Mark Hamill in person and taking to him about voice overs (of which he’s developed a fantastic career in), and [...]

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