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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Go Team!

10.30.09 | Motivation | team

Some of you may have already noticed this, but it’s football season. Now, I happen to be a big football fan, but I also happen to be a big San Francisco 49ers fan. The problem with that is that I live smack dab in the middle of New York Giants territory. Yep, most of my [...]

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A Comedy Legend Leaves Us

10.23.09 | News | team

After over 5,000 live television appearances and countless pies to the face, comedy legend Soupy Sales has passed away at the age of 83. Best known for his comedy routines including White Fang (the meanest dog in the United States) and Black Tooth (the nicest dog in the United States), the pie-in-the-face gag, and his [...]

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Gary Cole Steps Into The Booth

10.15.09 | News | team

Gary Cole is a world-recognized character actor. His resume is too extensive to list everything he’s done here, but some of his highlights include roles in Dodge Ball, The West Wing, Talladega Nights, The Brady Bunch Movies, Pineapple Express, Desperate Housewives, In the Line of Fire, and much more. Of course, his most famous role [...]

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Life Is Short. Opera Is Long.

10.06.09 | Motivation | team

  “Life Is Short. Opera Is Long.” I saw that on a T-shirt once. It made me laugh out loud. Having never been a fan of opera (sorry, opera lovers), I got quite a kick out of it, because the idea of sitting in a theater and watching large costumed people sing in a foreign [...]

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