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Don’t Be A Crazy Wrestler

09.30.09 | Effective Marketing | team

A couple of days ago as I was driving in to the office, I passed a bunch of road signs for candidates in the recent local elections. These are the elections for positions such as county legislator, sheriff, town board, town clerk, etc. Frankly, I think a lot of people tend to ignore these elections, [...]

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Our Little Corner of the World

09.21.09 | Motivation | team

It’s not every day that the President of the United States decides to visit your town (unless you live in Washington, DC, of course.) But today, President Barack Obama came to the Capitol Region of New York (where Voice Coaches’ main offices are located) to deliver a speech about the economy. In the course of [...]

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To Patrick Swazye, Thanks For Everything, The Audience

09.15.09 | Motivation | team

Patrick Swayze, the popular star of movie hits such as Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Point Break, Road House, Red Dawn, and The Outsiders, has passed away at age 57. I don’t want to write a standard obituary here. There’s a wealth of information on him all over the Internet where you can read the details of [...]

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You Say You Want A Revolution

09.08.09 | Motivation | team

The British Invasion continues… some 40-plus years after it originally started. Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard by now… The Beatles are back! Tomorrow, on 09/09/09, the world will be treated to two big, exciting new Beatles releases: The Beatles Remastered CD catalogue and The Beatles: Rock Band. For those of you who don’t [...]

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