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(Re)Introducing Voice Coaches Radio!

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In addition to being an endless resource for potential job opportunities for voice actors, podcasts are also one of the most popular mediums for information, opinions, and entertainment these days. We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just revamped Voice Coaches Radio into a new weekly podcast!

Mike & Warren Record a Podcast

Mike & Warren recording voiceover podcast

Starting next week, you can download a new Voice Coaches Radio podcast every week, and listen to the Voice Coaches team talk about Voice Over news, information, helpful hints, and resources, as well as bring you new interviews with professional voice actors and industry insiders!

In the first new episode, Voice Coaches Director of Marketing Warren Garling (along with myself, Director of Communications Mike Spring) talk about one of the questions we get the most often from voice over professionals and beginners:

How Much Should I Charge For A Voice Over Job?

We’ll share a lot of insights on how to set prices, different pricing options, when and how to be flexible, and give some great examples of different kinds of details that can affect how you price a job.

In upcoming weeks, some of the topics we’re going to cover include:

  • Vocal Health Tips
  • Preparing for your First Voice Over Session
  • When and Why to Update Your Demo
  • Sources of Opportunity
  • Voice Over Talent Websites
  • Voice over Techniques
  • Using Social Media to your Advantage
  • The Basics of Creating a Character Track
  • Voice Over News

And Much More!

We’ll be launching the revamped Voice Coaches Radio in the next week, but in the meantime, you can hear some of our existing podcasts, which feature interviews on voice acting and some fun class experiences. You can also click here to subscribe to Voice Coaches Radio so you won’t miss a single episode!

What topics would you like to hear us talk about?

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