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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Disney Gets Marvel-ous!

08.31.09 | News | team

This morning, the Walt Disney Company shook up the entertainment and business world with the news that it is buying Marvel Comics for a whopping $4 billion. One of the largest entertainment companies in the world, Disney will now be adding a stable of over 5,000 characters to its ranks, including popular comic book and [...]

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A Voice For The People

08.26.09 | News | team

The world was saddened today with the passing of Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, who passed away on August 25, 2009. Though best remembered for his commitment to serving the people of the United States, he was also known as a powerful voice and public speaker. What many people might not know is that Senator Kennedy [...]

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Flying Sky High

08.24.09 | Education | team

As I was posting some information on the Voice Coaches Twitter Page today, I came across this little tidbit of information: 8/24/1932 Amelia Earhart (Putnam – her husband is Putnam of Putnam Publishing) becomes the 1st woman to fly non-stop LA to New York. Intrigued by this factoid, I decided to do some research and [...]

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(Re)Introducing Voice Coaches Radio!

08.11.09 | Education | team

In addition to being an endless resource for potential job opportunities for voice actors, podcasts are also one of the most popular mediums for information, opinions, and entertainment these days. We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just revamped Voice Coaches Radio into a new weekly podcast! Starting next week, you can download a new [...]

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