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Voice Coaches would like to extend a hearty congratulations to all of the Emmy nominees in the prestigious “Outstanding Voice-Over” category! The nominees, announced the morning of July 16, 2009, are as follows:

American Masters • Ron Rifkin, Narrator

Family Guy • Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin

Robot Chicken • Seth Green as Robot Chicken Nerd, Bob Goldstein, Ponda Baba, Anakin Skywalker, Imperial Officer

The Simpsons • Hank Azaria as Moe Syzlak

The Simpsons • Harry Shearer as Mr. Burns, Smithers, Kent Brockman, Lenny

The Simpsons • Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson

It’s a pretty interesting category this year, in that five of the nominees are from animated shows, with one person, Ron Rifkin, getting the nod for narration. It’s also not surprising to see three of the cast members from The Simpsons getting nominated, as the show has been nominated for and won 12 Emmy Awards already for Outstanding Voice Acting. It’s also been nominated for an astounding 54 Emmy Awards over its 19-year run. Dan Castallaneta and Hank Azaria have both previously won Voice-Over Emmys, but this is Harry Shearer’s first nomination.

Popular on-screen actor Seth Green (Austin Powers, Without A Paddle) has also been doing an impressive amount of voice acting over the past several years. Although he’s best known as the voice of Chris Griffin on the popular animated series The Family Guy, he received his second Emmy nomination for the show he writes, directs, and produces, Robot Chicken. Robot Chicken is a stop-motion animated series that airs on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The show is sort of a sketch comedy series created with action figures, and Green does voices for many different characters on the show, having done voice parodies of Harry Potter, George Bush, The Kool-Aid Man, Santa Claus, Mr. Rogers, Batman, Corey Feldman, Bill Clinton, Cobra Commander, Michael Moore, and Keanu Reeves, to name just a few. Green has also provided regular and guest voices for American Dad, Crank Yankers, and Batman Beyond.

Ron Rifkin is also a well-known film and television actor (Brothers & Sisters, Alias) who has been nominated for his one-time narration of PBS’ popular American Masters documentary series. The episode Rifkin narrated focused on Broadway legend Jerome Robbins, who Rifkin actually portrayed onstage in a theatrical production. The production marks Rifkin’s first major outing as a voice actor, so to be nominated for it is extremely impressive.

Finally, Seth MacFarlane is the animation juggernaut behind the creation of The Family Guy, American Dad, and the upcoming Cleveland Jones. As the voice of Peter Griffin, MacFarlane has created a character similar to Dan Castallaneta’s Homer Simpson that is equally as recognizable when you see him as when you hear him. The Family Guy also became the first animated series in nearly 50 years, (and only the second ever), to score a best comedy series nomination. The last animated series to do so was The Flintstones way back in 1961.

Congratulations to all of the nominees for your outstanding work, and we wish you the best of luck on the night of August 29th!

For a complete list of 2009 Emmy Nominees, click here: http://cdn.emmys.tv/awards/2009ptemmys/61stemmys_noms.php

Who do YOU think is going to win?

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