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CNN Has It Right!

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CNN Knows What’s Cool!

During my fairly ordinary morning routine of reading the news on CNN online while installing a bunch of new software the folks at Sweetwater just sent me, I noticed an eye grabbing story:

10 Jobs That Are Cooler Than Yours!

I quickly clicked on the link thinking to myself, we’ll see what these overly informed news-types consider to be “cool”.

Well, right there in the list somewhere between Food Critic and Video Game Tester, was Voice Actor! CNN somehow decided that our of every possible vocation, Voice Acting was one of the top 10 for cool factor.

They went on to suggest that an average Voice Actor earns $47,000.00 annually… more if an individual has a unique voice.

And keep in mind, most successful Voice Actors accomplish this in far less than 40 hours per week!

Now THAT”S cool!!

Check out the story at CNN.

I’m off to have a super cool day!


David at Voice Coaches

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