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Posted 9:33 pm by David Bourgeois

So here’s one for you to consider. I was speaking to a guy last week who had ALWAYS wanted to go into professional voice acting. Though he thought the entire field was interesting, he had a specific interest in animation and cartoon voices. In fact, he had been creating his own cartoon ideas since he was a kid. (He is now in his 50s)
He told me he was very close to following through, but he still wanted to think about it for another year. I inquired about his hesitation and he explained he was concerned he would not be successful. I told him I understood his concern and explained further that there are no guarantees of success in voice acting, or any other small business venture. I wished him luck and reminded him to call if he ever had a question about the field.

Just for something to think about, let’s contrast this with a similar story, the story of a Guy named Seth.
Seth grew up in the North East and took an interest in cartooning from an early age. He certainly could have put it off or pursued other things, but he went ahead with the support of his parents and did the thing he wanted to do.
For Seth, this ended up being a great choice.
Today, many of us know Seth MacFarlane for the results of his follow through. He is an Emmy Award Winning Voice Actor, Writer, Cartoonist and Composer. Perhaps best known for creating the animated series Family Guy and American Dad, MacFarlane won a Best Voice Over Performance Emmy Award for his work voicing the Stewie Griffin character from Family Guy.
MacFarlane’s production company Fuzzy Door Productions continues to develop a broad range of concepts and a recent deal with Fox Broadcasting is rumored to have made him the highest paid television writer and producer in history.

Again, there are no guarantees of success in any endeavor, but if you don’t pursue the things you want to do, let’s just say your odds go down hill fast!

Now, go do YOUR thing!

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