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Busy Week!

Posted 7:59 am by David Bourgeois

Well, there won’t be a lot of downtime for anyone at Voice Coaches this week. That’s because on Saturday May 2nd, we will host our third annual Advanced Marketing Expo at the GE Theater, right here in Schenectady.

With more than 150 attendees and guests expected from as far away as Alaska, New Mexico, Georgia, South Carolina, California, and Florida, this event is not only a great place to learn, it has become an incredible opportunity for voice actors to network with one another.

For our team, and my wife and I, the expo is also a chance to reconnect with friends who just happen to be some of the top professionals in our field. Stephanie and David Ciccarelli from Voices.com will again join us. In addition to providing incredible professional opportunities for Voice Actors, Voices.com offers customer service that is unmatched in their industry.

Legendary Voice Actor and Author Rodney Saulberry gave a call yesterday to confirm his travel arrangements that will allow him to join us for our event and the VIP Mixer the evening prior.

Super Agent Billy Serow will join us and be on hand Friday Evening and Saturday to interject realistic perspective to those considering pursuing major commercial VO work.

We’ll welcome for the first time, Award winning audio book producer and voice actor Dan Bostick who is sure to be popular as the audio book field continues to expand.

We’ve asked our good friend and Media-Technology expert Dan Dinsmore to share his perspective on emerging opportunities for professional voice actors.

We are excited to have Producer-Trainer David Goldberg from New York’s famous Edge Studios on hand to provide perspective on A market VO.

Traveling from Fort Wayne Indiana to speak about Home Recording will be Mark Magdich from Sweetwater. Sweetwater is the worlds number one audio equipment retailer and mark is an absolute expert when it comes to Home Recording.

Marketing expert and voice actor Jay Silverman will add perspective on the benefits of reaching close to home to build opportunities.

Television host, film, and voice actor Evan Farmer will join our expert panel and answer questions about building success.

Other folks who we expect to be on hand include actor and Voice Coaches Student John James, Voice Over Xtra’s John Florian, and many successful former students and professionals.

We will post videos on Voice Coaches TV, and interviews at Voice Coaches Radio.

and now… no sleep till Sunday!

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