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10th Grade Perspective

Posted 10:37 pm by David Bourgeois

Here’s Some Interesting Perspective For You
I’m learning more every day!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by our local Chamber Of Commerce to participate in a workshop designed to allow area 10th graders to gain real perspective on occupations that might interest them.

800 some-odd 10th graders…. sounds like fun to me, so off I went.

I was stationed in a room with a guy representing a Video Game Company, a woman from our local CBS affiliate, a theater guy, and a chef. The way I figured it, we were one of the cool rooms.
And when they set the 10th graders free to speak with whomever they chose, my suspicion was correct. There are a lot of 10th graders with interest in some facet of the professional recording field, and many who were specifically interested in voice over.

The thing that i heard repeatedly that really got my attention was the pure determination these young adults had when it came to doing the things they wanted to do in life. I spoke to many who couldn’t imagine not doing the thing they want to do!

There might be something that can be learned… or re-learned here. You have a great deal of control over follow through and success in the things that you want to do.

I contrast this experience with many experiences I’ve had with adults who really want to pursue voice acting. The difference is that 30 or 40 years later, in many cases it seems there are always roadblocks, both real and imagined that grownups can’t overcome, particularly when it comes to things we want to do.

My advice…. listen to a 10th grader once in a while!

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