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Posted 6:23 pm by David Bourgeois

The view from the passenger’s seat

Calling shotgun prior to departing for a destination indicates to all other travelers in your group, that you prefer the passenger’s seat. Strangely, the passengers seat is where many people choose to spend nearly every day of their entire life.

When it comes to pursuing the things that we really want to do, the things we imagine we would enjoy, the things we secretly know we could be really good at, most folks choose to remain in the passengers seat. In effect, they are actually calling shotgun on their lives. Instead of pursuing goals, many just sit back and watch as others move closer to their dreams.

People often narrow their focus to things that they feel they have to do, and at the same time find any excuse to sidestep the things that they want to do. This is in no way limited to the voice over field, it is a condition that is without boundaries. We put off vacations, time with our families, visiting landmarks, changing careers, splurging on toys, and trying new things.

There is always a reason to put anything off, and the truth is, there always will be.

There are many names you might use to refer to the rare individual who boldly moves forward. The person who, doesn’t see the small risk in doing something different, but instead sees the enormous risk of delay.

You may refer to this person as… different… or …crazy… or even …unrealistic.

I most often simply refer to this kind of person as… HAPPY!

My advice… get out of the passenger seat. You’ll have much more control when you are behind the wheel.

I hope you’re Happy in 2009!

David at Voice Coaches

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